Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going to take things in a slightly different direction from now on.

Here's another reason for me to appreciate Milk Products Media...this last project has really sort of helped me find footing in terms of what makes me happiest in the world of food art.

I began with bento, and I love bento, but people have a lot of bento-expectations that I don't seem to fit. I like the neat, clean frame and the challenge of a tiny scale, but in general I'm not so great with the rules. I don't mean that in a self-aggrandizing way, I just want the option to make something bigger if that's what I feel like doing at the moment.

Somewhere back in the 80s, I was transported via TV to "The Land of Dairy Queen", a place with the most fascinating topography I'd ever seen. There were chiseled chocolate mountains ringed with dry-ice fog, gloppy pineapple-sauce waterfalls and rivers that oozed thick with hot fudge. There may have been some soft-serve peaks somewhere in there, too. I think, somewhere in the murky recesses of my mind, I've been imagining things as food (and food as things) ever since. Which is great, but I can't necessarily fit it all in a 5x5" box.

By sheer necessity (ease of photography and videography, among other things), I had to work on a larger scale this time, and it was completely liberating. I'm not up to Carl Warner's immense landscapes (and I'm a lousy photographer with a small budget, so he's got no competition there), but I liked not having to fit everything into a tiny space and worry about it being appetizing to preschoolers. (Not that I don't worry about feeding preschoolers. I have one. She likes oranges, green tea and idlis.)

I'll still do bentos. But there'll be bigger stuff too.

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